Emma K Eccles

Welcome to my blog. Forgive me if it grows in sporadic bursts, as I spend most of my time painting (it's quite time consuming!).
However, I used to spend most of my time writing and I still have the urge to express myself in words as well... Emma K Eccles.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

"Live to fight another day"

Stand steadfast, face to face
Look your demons in the eye, 
or those that claim angelic grace
Consider their humanity.
Look closer, to the space 
Where eyes convey the soul, 
Search out the slightest trace
Of truth beneath their skin.
If something’s out of place
Just hovering within,
Does the smile upon their face
Reflect their own reward
In the pain that they displace,
Rather than shared warmth?
Then fear is not misplaced
So calmly walk away
From the misery they chase.
“Live to fight another day”