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Welcome to my blog. Forgive me if it grows in sporadic bursts, as I spend most of my time painting (it's quite time consuming!).
However, I used to spend most of my time writing and I still have the urge to express myself in words as well... Emma K Eccles.

Friday, 19 July 2013

...Breathe into my soul unspoken meaning

Breathe into my soul unspoken meaning
Like whisperings of dawn upon my day
Wake the weary essence of my being
Step softly through the dew along my way

Drown out the steady stream of conscious thought
Crash like a tidal wave upon my shore
Until my mind forgets what living taught
And, overwhelmed by feeling, thinks no more

Ignite within my body such desire
As though black gold were rushing through my veins
And touch could set the whole of me on fire
To burn until no sense of self remains

These are as dreams my sleeping can’t contain
Till woken by your presence once again.

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